Graphi x Will Broome

Graphi x Will Broome

Graphi are delighted to announce our partnership with the illustrator Will


Will has previously illustrated for brands such as Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs.

High Summer sees the launch of a sweatshirt and t-shirt collection featuring a unique illustration by Will. The project supports our campaign celebrating Neuro Diversity.

The ‘No two brains the same’ campaign demonstrates the importance of each and every brains and celebrates a multitude of ways of thinking and achieving.

At Graphi we believe in ALL kids and celebrate ALL abilities across academia, creativity and physical triumphs.


Sadly the education system is built with other plans in mind subjecting

kids to constant tests and exams with a severe lack of appreciation for
creativity and sport. These are structures and environments are not built
with kids in mind who are Neuro Diverse such as but not limited to
Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism Spectrum and many more. In fact
these minds are often perceived and portrayed as a problem not a

The solution – in many cases is ironically even more tests and
examinations and then often prescription drugs.
Which is where we believe the role of sport comes in because sport
supports every child but especially those with Neuro Diversity. Sport is
proven to support Neuro Diverse kids in an incredible way.

‘Graphi believes sport unifies kids and teaches them how to collaborate,
work as a team, show up or others, like themselves regardless of social
media likes, make new friends especially outside school, love their
bodies more and respect other peoples bodies.

But most of all it is a leveller – a place where all kids can ‘meet’
regardless of anything else.’ Comments Amie Witton-Wallace, Founder.
‘The idea of celebrating difference and cherishing that ‘no two brains are
the same’ really appealed to me. To hear Graphi’s view on this felt so
passionate and authentic, I couldn’t wait to get involved. The idea of kids
being active to support their mental health is something that really
resonates with me.’ Comments Will Broome.

June 22, 2023 — Leanne Cuddeford